Performance Insights

Performance Insights

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Improve web page performance

About Performance Insights

Built using the same page analysis tool as Google. Lighthouse is the driving force behind the performance analysis of your content.

We've elaborated upon it by using reporting, so that results can be stored, which means you can now compare the analysis against previous reports you have run so as to measure the performance impact of content changes or application updates.


We have BIG ideas for future releases in the coming weeks. We intend to:

  • Add mobile device analysis
  • Improve the report comparison functionality
  • Increase the information gathered during the analysis process
  • Add a sitemap coverage report

If you wish to leave feedback or make a suggestion towards a feature development. Please contact us at

Domain profiles

A profile is generated the first time a report is run against a domain. This will be the 'home' for each analysis making it easy for you to navigate and compare each time you update your application or content.